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Villas, Twinhouses, Duplexes and Apartments in Up Ville Compound October

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Sun 23 Sep 2018

Upville” is new residential gated-community compound that has distinctively located in 6’th October city.
“upville” is themed on modern style melody; sprawling over 363 , 000 sq.mt and well-connected to the city center and the surrounding areas. With lush , verdant , grass-topped spaces aiming to offer its residents the benefits of a full facilitated residential development that huddling a mosaic of residential types amongst green space serenity and social life style.

Date of Completion:2020

86 acres 72% villas and 28% apartments
17% built up area

District 1 consists of 235 units 61 independent units , 46 Twin Villa , 84 Duplex , 44 apartments

Independent Villa (M1):
3 + bedrooms
Average price: 5.1 million - 7.5 million
Basement + Ground Floor + First Floor + Roof
Built area: 440 meters including Basement + Roof ROOM
Plot Area: 380 - 790 m
Basement: 124 meters
Piece of land: 145 meters

Twin Villa (M2):
3 + bedrooms
Average price: 4 million - 4.7 million
Building Area: 425 m including basement
Plot: 320 - 490 m

Average price: 2.7 million - 3.1 million
Built area: 300 - 350
Garden area: 125 - 217 m

Average price: 3 million - 3.1 million
Built area (3 types): 330 meters

24/7 Security
Parks and green spaces
Special Garage for Residents
Specialized clinic at the highest level
Nursery for children
Shopping center

Payment Terms:
7% down payment , after 2 months 10% ,
Installments over 6 years
Delivery in two and a half years


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